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Applying for the Congolese tourist Visa 2021

Despite the online platform launched in 2020 by the General Directorate of Migration (DGM) to facilitate the application for selected visas, tourists willing to visit the DR Congo do not have yet the chance to apply and get their visa online. Applying for the Congolese tourist Visa is thus both not efficient and seamless.

In accordance with the law and regulatory texts, the General Directorate of Migration (DGM) is empowered to issue visas to any foreigner wishing to travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo. The visa can only be granted to applicants who meet the conditions determined by legal and regulatory texts.

Types of visas to DR Congo

  1. Flying Visa: Authorization granted by Direction Général des Migrations (DGM) to an expatriate coming from a country where the DRC has no diplomatic or consular representation. This authorization allows the person concerned to arrive at the border and to benefit from an airport or port visa to access Congolese territory. It is also granted to guests of the Congolese Government.
  2. Airport / Port Visa

Issued at the entry station to the beneficiary of the flying visa or on the express authorization of the Director General of DGM. Its validity is 7 days. After this period, the applicant must normalize his stay with the services of the Chancellery of the General or Provincial Directorate of Migration.

  1. Travel / Tourist visa

Issued by the services near the diplomatic and consular missions of the DRC abroad. It gives the beneficiary the possibility to enter DRC. This will happen only if he / she meets the following conditions:

  • Be the holder of a valid passport.
  • Have sufficient means of subsistence.
  • Be supported by a legal or natural person regularly established in the DRC

The Travel Visa does not authorize the exercise of a paid activity in Congo. The validity of this visa is 6 months maximum. This visa may be extended by the Direction Générale de Migration for a period of one, two or three months to total the six months.

  1. Establishment visas

Issued to foreigners wishing to settle in the DRC. This visa confers on the latter not only the status of resident but also the possibility of exercising professional or economic activities under the conditions set by law.

Types of Establishment Visas : Regular, Professional, Studies, Matrimonial, Permanent

Applying for the Congolese tourist Visa

For you to apply for the Congolese Travel Visa you need to get an official invitation letter from a trusted tour operator or the company inviting you to the DRC. The invitation letter will cost you around 100$ and will help you complete your visa application with the Congolese embassy in your country. If you don’t have any Congolese representation in your country then you are eligible to the flying visa that can be found online through the EVISA RDC portal.

When applying for the Congolese Visa you need to take heed to the cost of the visa. That cost depends on its type, its duration and its nature (single or multiple entries).

Find below the price list of visas:

Applying for the Congolese tourist Visa : Prices of Visas

Entering Congo

After applying for the Congolese tourist visa and getting an approval, you will then have the chance to visit one of the least visited countries in Africa. Here are some of the conditions to enter DR Congo:

  • You have got to have a passport valid for at least 6 months
  • You have got to have a Yellow Fever vaccination card
  • Currency declaration: Upon your arrival in DRC, you are required to declare cash of any currency equivalent to more than 10 000 USD. The same thing should be done as you leave the country.
  • As you leave country, you are required to pay an airport infrastructure development fund tax (IDEF) of US $ 58.00 (rate subject to change without notice). This Tax is around 20$ when flying domestically in the DR Congo.
  • Unfortunately, travelers to the DRC often experience difficulties at the airport and other points of entry.Arriving at Ndjili International Airport in Kinshasa can be chaotic. Be calm when dealing with security and immigration officers who sometimes may demand unofficial “special fees”.

Visa Requirements to DRC

Never show up at a border crossing without the necessary documents, you risk being turned back and deported by immigration control officers.

  • Visa-exempt foreign nationals: Burundi, Congo Brazzaville, Rwanda, Zimbabwe.
  • Nationalities eligible for a visa on arrival: Kenya, Mauritius, Tanzania
  • Nationalities subject to visa: citizens of all other nationalities can obtain their visa on arrival after having applied for one before starting the trip to DRC.

Cases of passport and visa exemption

  • Passport and visa: Travelers under 15, provided if their identity is indicated on the passport of an ascendant or guardian accompanying them. Foreigners who are crew members of an airline if they hold a valid crew member license or certificate.
  • Transit visa: foreigners in transit if they do not leave Kinshasa airport during their stopover; Foreigners who transit through Kinshasa airport, traveling exclusively by air and who must wait for the strictly necessary time to take the first correspondence to continue their journey; Foreigners who, as passengers of an airline, have to continue their journey by air from Brazzaville airport (they may also benefit of this exemption from Brazzaville airport to Kinshasa airport); Foreigners who are crew members of an airline if they hold a valid crew member license or certificate.

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