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Kiubo Falls | DR Congo

Kiubo Falls

Kiubo Falls are counted among the most beautiful water falls of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (90 m wide and 60 m high). They are in the territory of Mitwaba on the River Lufira next to the village of Kiubo (300 km from Lubumbashi). A luxury lodge has been erected in the downstream from the falls on an area of 650 ha covered with wooded savannah. The site offers a beautiful of leisure activities: fishing, canoeing, rafting, cruises, pedal boats, baignages, ATV, quad, tennis, basketball…

Things to Do

The visit of Kiubo Falls comes with interesting activities in and around the waterfall.

  • Walk along the paths that border the river: Discover Kiubo Falls site at the rhythm of your steps, taking the time to explore the sumptuous landscape of the river mingled with nature …
  • All terrain quad: Embark on quads, or embark on a walking adventure off the beaten track
  • Visit of the Kiwakishi caves to 35 KM: Nature has donated a splendid cave with an exceptional setting that is waiting to be explored by you
  • Barbecue evening at the camp: Spend great moments of conviviality in the company of all the members of the site.
  • Visit our own electric turbine: In the company of your guide, you will explore this machine which has proven itself in supplying the entire site with electricity.
  • Fishing: Tiger fish, Captain, Bream etc… : Whether you are alone, in a group or with your family, Kiubo Falls offer you an outing that will meet your expectations for practicing different recreational fishing techniques,
  • Canoe – calm or stormy waters: Kiubo offers canoe trips where you can with family or friends, come and taste this activity open to all, provided you bring your life jacket!
  • Bird watching: Discover both the different types of habitats and birds according to the seasons.
  • Rafting in the rapids: If you choose to take on the rapids in rafting, rest assured that you will have a unique experience in Kiubo!
  • Pedalos: In Kiubo, we take you with us for a frantic ride in pedal boats!
  • Swimming under the small waterfalls: In Kiubo, you will be carried away by the audacity to bathe under delightful waterfalls!
  • Speed boat cruises on the river: Face the most impressive waves of rapids in a speed boat specially designed to brave the most turbulent waters!
  • Visit of the small village and its Market: Some of the tours Kiubo Falls offer you are also an adventure in meeting the richest traditions and cultures of the region.
  • Aerial safaris: They are possible to fly through the falls and park of Upemba with its imaginary elephant herds and antelopes cheval (rouanne).


Kiubo Falls are accessible by car (4 × 4) or by small airplane (1h), since the site has its own landing pad. By road (asphalted on 120 km), count 6 to 8 hours from Lubumbashi. It should be noted that in the rainy season, the part of the dirt track is hardly practicable.

On the road

On the way, make the most of it to make a stopover at Bunkeya, the stronghold of the historical chief M’siri, with the historical heavy load. M’Siri was the King of Yeke Kingdom also known as the Gareganze Kingdom. Gareganze Kingdom was once known as one of the most powerful kingdoms in South-Central Africa. M’Siri collaborated with Tippo Tip the slave merchant in the slave and ivory trades. He was killed by Belgian after his resistance to be subdued to the colonial power.

Where to stay

Kiubo Falls
Accommodation at Kiubo Falls in Eastern Congo

Accommodation at Kiubo Falls is provided by fifteen luxury bungalows with thirty rooms connected to WiFi. All the rooms offer you unparalleled comfort during your stay! Kiubo Lodge smiling staff is eager to assist you in all your activities.

You can book Kiubo Falls activity using Kwafrika Travel, a trusted tour operator. The sole Tour Company selling the entire DR Congo from its west to its east.

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