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Tourism in major cities of the DR Congo, Mbandaka
Fishermen on the Congo River, at the Pool Malebo,

Carpeted by huge swaths of rainforest and punctuated by gushing rivers, the western Congo is the ultimate African destination. Tourism in western congo has started to emerge. Below in major things to do and see in western Congo.
Feel the pulse of Kinshasa City
Kinshasa is the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It lies on the Southern banks of the great river Congo and 515 miles away from the Atlantic Ocean. Kinshasa has grown from a small fishing village into one of the largest metropolitan areas in Africa. Kinshasa is the cultural and intellectual Centre of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The city is at the heart of tourism in western congo.
Kinshasa is a crazy and sometimes scary place. Not for the faint of heart, this sprawling city on the banks of the mighty Congo River has some great nightlife, cultural offerings, and music. If the chaos of the capital gets too much, on its fringes there is an equatorial forest surrounding a beautiful lake called Ma Vallée with a tavern on its banks.
Congolese music, represented by its famous rumba with multiple generations of artists, has invaded the African continent for several years, confirming Kinshasa’s status as “Mecca of African music”. Therefore, the city is key for tourism in western Congo and receives a good number of tourists from Europe.
Hang out with Bonobos at the Lola Ya Bonobos Sanctuary
Just 90 minutes outside of Kinshasa, this sanctuary provides a home for orphaned bonobos. These inherently peaceful primates, who resemble chimpanzees, are incredibly intelligent and known for solving most of their problems with sex. There are various trails through their forested enclosures, but you are just as likely to find these loving creatures. The sanctuary’s goal is to rescue orphaned bonobos to rehabilitate them in the forest. To sum up, this is the best thing to do outside Kinshasa. Visiting Bonobos is an important part of tourism in western Congo.
Go for a safari in Parc de la vallée de la N’sele
Parc de la vallée de la N’Sele is a park located in the western part of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the commune of Maluku. It is approximately 90 min from the city center Kinshasa. Not only it does offer conservation, but it also provides a space for relaxation and entertainment.
With its whopping 10,000 hectares and a tormented relief crossed by a wooded and grassy savannah, deep gorges watered by the N’Sele river, the park offers tourists fresh and pure air. It is being populated with more and more animals representing the biodiversity of the Congo. It contains: lions, impalas, zebras, giraffes, buffaloes, hippos, rhinos, elephants. In addition there are a lot of activities around the park. Cycling, kayaking, hiking or riding the Zip line.
The park has been rolled out to the public last year. However, for its uniqueness, this experience comes second after Bonobos in the top things to in outside Kinshasa. It is one of step taken by the Congolese leadership to revive tourism in western Congo.
Explore the Inkisi Falls
In the southwest, the inkisi Falls (60m/197ft high) and the massive complex of caves that wrap around them may be visited in one day, but many visitors stay for two or three days at the pleasant resort in the town of Mbanza-Ngungu. The impressive falls are an easy hike from resort and 130 km (80 miles) by road from the capital city Kinshasa.
Feel the water vapor at the majestic Zongo Falls
Located 130 kilometers (90 miles) from Kinshasa, Zongo Park provides a lovely setting & a spectacular scenery to the Zongo Waterfalls. The gorgeous Zongo falls is one of DRC’s most spectacular sights. It is the number one of things to do in Kinshasa. Getting to the viewpoints involves some hiking, but watching the water roaring over the precipice into the river below is unforgettable. What makes Zongo waterfalls unique is the water vapor that rises to the sky when the river water hits the ground.
Mingle with Bantous and pygmy flowing on the Congo River
Located 50 minutes away from Kinshasa by flight, Mbandaka is a port city in the Province of Equateur. There, like a local in traditional canoe you will cruise on the majestic Congo River. In villages surrounding Mbandaka, you will familiarize with Pygmy, the first inhabitant of Congo. You will cross the Lake Tumba and get in communion with the ‘virgin’ nature (Equatorial Forest). Therefore, you will see some animals such: squirrels, birds, monkeys … Visitors for around the world crave for this tour which will be a cornerstone of tourism in western Congo.
Go for beautiful walks in lush nature at the Kisantu Botannical garden
The Botanical Garden of Kisantu is the most beautiful botanical garden in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It was founded over a century ago by a missionary. The entrance fee is about $5 per person. Inside, you will find thousands of trees, thousands of plants, a school and the best restaurant of Kisantu. I advise you to head first to the restaurant, to order whatever is fresh (chicken, captain fish, eggplants, etc.), tell them when you come back (for example two hours later), and then go for a visit at your own pace. Don’t miss the crocodile and the two monkeys!
Enjoy the Atlantic cost in Muanda
Moanda or Muanda is a town and territory lying on the Atlantic Ocean coast of the Democratic Republic of Congo at the mouth of the Congo River.
Among the jewels that make the beauty of Muanda, the Hotel Beviour stands out naturally. Tourists can now sleep in the sumptuous Beviour hotel, in the heart of the mangrove nature reserve in Muanda, in Kongo Central. And feel a rich natural heritage, to the song of birds, enjoying life. Sprawl on the beaches on the Atlantic coast all day long. This is the first station in western Congo tourism focused on beach tourism, a growing sector in global tourism industry.