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Kinshasa experience - 5 Days

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Kinshasa experience

Kwafrika Travel 5 days Kinshasa experience package makes you visit Kinshasa city and its surrounding in the DR Congo. It makes you experience the gorgeous Zongo falls, watching the water roaring over the precipice into the river will be unforgettable.
Moreover, you will visit the Bonobos, our closest living relatives, with more than 99% identical DNA. Therefore, you will visit Kinshasa in a crash city tour where you will discover Kinshasa’s vibrant culture and history. The tour ends in Parc de la vallée de la N’Sele. It is a park located in the western part of Congo in the commune of Maluku. Additionally, the park is being populated with more and more animals representing the biodiversity of the Congo. It contains: lions, impalas, zebras, giraffes, buffaloes, hippos, rhinos, elephants. After experiencing lions, you will go for a majestic and relaxing boat cruise on the Congo River.
The sale price estimated is the one for 1 pax. The more people per booking the more the price will go down. Write to us for additional info concerning the Visit Kinshasa package.

Day 1
Pick up from the airport and transfer to your hotel

You will be met at N’djili International Airport by Kwafrika Travel representative who will whisk you away to your hotel. Spend the rest of the day unwinding.

Day 2
Zongo falls experience

You will leave too early from your hotel in Kinshasa to Zongo Waterfalls. Located 130 kilometers (90 miles) from Kinshasa, Zongo Park provides a lovely setting & a spectacular scenery to the Zongo Waterfalls. The gorgeous 65m-high Zongo falls are one of DRC’s most spectacular sights. It takes 3 to 4 hours to reach Kisantu in the Bas Congo where the waterfall is located. Getting to the viewpoints involves some hiking, but watching the water roaring over the precipice into the river below is unforgettable. What makes Zongo waterfalls unique is the water vapor that rises to the sky when the river water hits the ground. If in dry season, you might go to the beach located 10 km away from the waterfall, there you could experience the massage waterfall.

Dinner and overnight in Selli Safari Resorts strategically located near the waterfall.

Day 3
Lola Ya bonobo and Kinshasa City Tour

You will leave too early from your hotel, to reach the bonobos sanctuary at around 11 am. The Bonobos are our closest living relatives, with more than 99% identical DNA, are protected in a special preserve right outside Kinshasa. The sanctuary is surrounded by the rainforest and has a lake inside. Just as you enter the sanctuary, you will be brought to the briefing room. The visit is done in groups, the first group starts at 10 am. The others are done after an interval of 1h30’ up to 4 o’clock when the final group is supposed to end the last visit.

In the afternoon, you will go for a crash Kinshasa city tour where you will discover Kinshasa's vibrant culture and history on a tour of the city that explores local landmarks, a bustling market, and the banks of the churning Congo River. Traveling with a local guide, you'll learn the stories behind each place you see, from the National Museum to Kabila's Mausoleum and the Place of Independence. Dinner Chez Flore Restaurant, Lunch Majestic River Restaurant (with view on the river and Brazzaville) and overnight in your hotel in Kinshasa.

Day 4
Parc de la vallée de N’Sele and Congo River boat Cruise

After breakfast in your hotel in Kinshasa, proceed to Parc de la vallée de la N’sele. Parc de la vallée de la N’Sele is a park located in the western part of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the commune of Maluku. It is approximately 90 min from the city center Kinshasa. Not only it does offer conservation but it also provides a space for relaxation and entertainment. The park offers tourists fresh and pure air. It is being populated with more and more animals representing the biodiversity of the Congo. It contains: lions, impalas, zebras, giraffes, buffaloes, hippos, rhinos, elephants. In addition there are a lot of activities around the park. Cycling, kayaking, hiking or riding the Zip line. For the moment, the herbivores live in freedom. Lions, crocodiles, monitor lizards are in an enclosure. Ultimately, all animals should be released from enclosures to live in freedom.

After game safaris in Parc de la vallée de N’sele, you will go to safaris beach for the majestic one hour boat cruise on Congo River. The cruise is done in a speedboat with an experience captain who bring you through a captivating cruise on the river for an entire hour.

Dinner and overnight at Safari Beach Resort.

Day 5
Drop-off to Hotel / Airport

In the morning, you will be transfer to N”djili International Airport for departure.

End of the trip


  • Professional guide
  • Private transportation
  • Half board accommodation (Bed and breakfast)
  • Boat cruise fees
  • Local taxes


  • Tips and souvenirs
  • International flight
  • Congolese visa
Your travel to Congo post COVID-19

In foresight of getting back to business and adopting the new normal, the Congolese Ministry of Tourism, with excitement, announced the reopening of tourism activities as well as the resumption of international travel for visitors arriving by scheduled commercial flights as of 15 August 2020. The well-being of all travelers is at the forefront of Kwafrika Travel. Reason why, we have taken serious measure to ensure the safety of our customers. COVID-19 is still present in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We are pleased to receive you in the Congo but there are few things you should know. Authorities will quarantine and treat affected people in government hospitals and isolation facilities. Monitor the media for latest developments and follow the instructions of local authorities. Current government guidelines require everyone to wear a face mask in public. There are medical facilities available around Congo. Hôpital du Cinquantenaire, Hôpital Maman Yemo located in Kinshasa City, Hôpital Général de Référénce de Goma, Hôpital CBCA Virunga available in Goma town. They provide Emergency and Assessment (E&A) services, open 24 hours with a physician on the premises at all times. All national parks have reopened but with a limited capacity. In Virunga National Park, a group of more than 20 people cannot be authorized to trek the gorillas for social distancing reasons. The same thing apply for people hiking the Nyiragongo Volcano, they should be less than 10 people per group. Kwafrika Travel is strictly applying the following guidelines as given by the Congolese authorities: - Our drivers must have undergone a basic prior training on the standard practices in prevention of spread of COVID-19 (Standard Prevention Procedure) - All of our vehicles are now equipped with contactless thermometer (thermal-gun). Drivers have been trained on how to take guest temperature, to read and interpret the result. - All of our vehicles are equipped with PPE basics such as sanitizers, extra face masks, hand-gloves and so on - Vehicles are installed with air-conditioners with particulate filters and purifiers. All windows are capable of opening when required to allow air circulation - Doors of vehicles are operated by one person, the driver. - The driver must thoroughly clean and sanitize his safaris car at the close of the day or as deemed necessary especially before switching customers - Drivers must minimize stop overs during the travel to Congo or Inside Congo. - Drivers should stick guest documents such as itineraries on the car seats or on body of the vehicles to avoid contact with guests

Why choose Kwafrika Travel

We handle and execute tours plus safaris in Congo and the neighboring countries including Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. We operate with full permission of the Ministry of Tourism in Congo. Our customer-centricity has allowed us to successfully run a company whose aim is to satisfy our client’s expectations. Our company’s goal is to be a healthy and successful, leading in the provision of high quality safari’s experience to tourists from all around the world and to use guides from local communities to make sure they take the most out of their resources. We are customer-centric and we focus on 3 Ps (People, Process and Product) to effectively manage the organization. We value our tour guides as they are key in helping us deliver a good experience to our customers. Being experienced locals, they know how to work out all the kinks, and can handle any little bumps along the way with ease and professionalism. That translates into the smoothest and safest possible customer experience.

Few things about Kinshasa

Even if you may have been to mega Africans cities as Nairobi, Dakar, Cairo, Kampala, etc. and have considered yourself a well-traveled person when it comes to visiting Africa, you should wait until you visit Kinshasa ... Let's start with the language. Lingala is spoken language almost everywhere even in offices- if you can't understand or speak Lingala, you have to learn very quickly to adapt, thing which traders from China, Lebanon and India have understood, and most of those I saw could speak fluently Lingala. If you don’t want to learn, you will always need somebody who does or at least speak French which is understood by a bunch of people in Kin (as locals universally call it). When communicating here, people speak very loudly which can often be very intimidating - most will debate or argue but violence is never an option. Due to the poor economic conditions here, most people are simply people are simply after a quick "buck" - start high ($50) and end up settling for $10. The vast majority of people in Kinshasa live at a daily rate. You will be blown away by the manner in which traffic operates here, there are no rules so expect a very different experience! You will know how to drive until you get here… You will definitely need a local contact to know how to get around and deal with the police who will stop most vehicles to obtain a bribe. So in short, Kinshasa is an amazing place, a land of opportunity for an entrepreneur like me because all things in Kinshasa are in limited supply compared to the excessive demand due to millions of people in a city that was create for only 1 million people. I saw everyday people including women fighting to get in a taxi, whether it is selling few stuffs down road or investing in the real estate industry, profits will not made not by a differential cleverness by simply by a differential stupidity, a lot ventures can obviously succeed in Kinshasa. The people were amazing, a place that I will oftenly be visiting but only after perfecting my LINGALA.

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