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Kwafrika Travel has been the leading tour company in DR Congo for over 5 years now, giving personal and swift service, having strong visibility with a strong name, a visible logo and an original strategy by being among the first tour operators in the region to sparehead ecotourism investing 20% of its profit in community project. We work with local expert training and using them as guides leveraging their local expertise. We value customer service, our staff speaks English, French, Kiswahili and Spanish. We are known for asking questions to make sure we deliver exactly what the clients want, this is translated into excellent reviews from previous customers.

Kwafrika Travel strongest point is to being innovative. We have created our own routes whereby we have developed activities in areas no one else is going to. We are actively promoting tours going remote regions like Mbandaka to meet remote communities like pygmies, ekonda and tomba people. We organize expeditions on the Congo river from Kinshasa visiting fisherman villages and tracking the bonobos in the wild. We are also active in Eastern Congo, trekking both eastern lowland and mountain gorillas in Kahuzi Biega and Virunga National park.
From January 2023, Kwafrika Travel will be the only tour operator in DR Congo (maybe in the world) to offer a virtual reality trips to literally anywhere in the country, bringing DR Congo to the world.

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Our vision is to be a leading provider of travel solutions across DR Congo, recognized by our clients for delivering excellence. We offer tours and activities in Eastern, Western and Southern Congo. From the Gorilla trekking, Volcano hiking, game safaris, village visits, teambuilding and mesmerizing cruises on lakes and oceans we make your dream to visit Congo comes true.

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We are local expert working hands on hands with local communities in the strict respect of the environment to make tourism a tool for sustainable development in the DRC. Kwafrika Travel was proclaimed the sustainability leader in DRC by the Vice Governor of North-Kivu for commencing “Programme Utalii Kwetu”. A program aiming to win the minds of the next generation of Congolese making sure they protect and preserve our biodiversity which is facing a staggering destruction. More than 20 000 USD invested and 10 000 kids spread across 25 schools around Virunga National Park are involved in the program. To know more about the program go to www.utaliigroup.org

We invest 20% of revenue in community

We fund programme Utalii Kwetu to conserve with kids one of the world's most threatened protected areas

100% Customizable

Tell us about your trip requirement. We'll work together to customize your trip to meet your exact requirement so that you have a memorable trip.

Local Experts. Middle-man Free Pricing

We're a local travel agency. When you book with us, you get best possible price, which is middle-man free.

No Hidden Charges

We don't add hidden extras cost. All trips include travel permit, lodging and fooding. There are no surprises with hidden costs.

Multiple Award winning company

We've received Certificates of Excellence award from the Congolese Minister of Tourism and the Vice Governor of North-Kivu province

We cover the entire DRC

We are the only tour operator in DR Congo organising safaris with teams on the ground in Southern, Eastern and Western Congo

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From January 2023, Kwafrika Travel will be the only tour operator in DR Congo (maybe in the world) to offer a virtual reality trips to literally anywhere in the country, bringing DR Congo to the world

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Our role as a tour operator is to create and maintain the right tour packages for you, our esteemed customers. The role of our blogging section is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision prior to travelling. You can chat with us directly on the website and engage us on kwafrikatravel@gmail.com to get in touch with one of our travel specialists. Below is a set of our recent blog articles:

Visiting Tchegera Island in Virunga National Park

Located on the beautiful turquoise waters of Lake Kivu, Tchegera island is known for its distinct crescent shape, which is actually the upper rim of the crater of a long-extinct volcano. Visiting Tchegera island is a must if you are considering staying in Goma for …

Je veux visiter l’île Tchegera à Goma

Située sur les magnifiques eaux turquoise du lac Kivu, l’île de Tchegera est connue pour sa forme de croissant distincte, qui est en fait le bord supérieur du cratère d’un volcan éteint depuis longtemps. Visiter l’île Tchegera est cette activité à considérer obligatoirement lors de …

Virunga National Park, capacity building of education officials on tourism and environmental protection

As part of the implementation of ‘Programme Utalii Kwetu’ funded partly by Kwafrika Travel, trainings on the environment and tourism were organized targeting the various actors of education.  It should be noted that this program was officially launched in February 2022 at Goma Serena Hotels …