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Visit Vampa Falls in Kimpese

Visit Vampa Falls in Kimpese
Vampa falls in KImpese in the Democratic Republic of the Congo  crédit photo : @vampadrc (Instagram)

Visit Vampa Falls in Kimpese and have a mesmerizing experience in Kongo Central. Kongo Central is one of the 26 provinces of the DR Congo, renowned for its spectacular nature with waterfalls, caves, hydroelectric dams, the mouth of the Congo River, the Stanley Baobab and so many other impressive landscapes.

How to get there?

Regarding transport as you visit Vampa Falls in Kimpese, you have the choice between going there with your own vehicle, or taking the public transportation. You will reach Kimpese in 3 hours using your own vehicle or a lit bit more than that if you are taking a taxi that could cost you between 15,000 CDF and 18,000 CDF (2000 CDF = 1 USD). For a roundtrip make sure you have 20$ for transport (public transportation). Using a tour operator, hiring a private vehicle for the daylong excursion will cost you between 100 USD to 300 USD depending on the brand of the car being rented.

Getting around in Kimpese

Once in Kimpese the means of travel are motorbikes, you can take a motorbike that will accompany you to the side of the site. You will still have to walk a lot to get to vampa, cross the bridge …

As you visit Vampa Falls in Kimpese it is hard to do without the guide who will tax you a few dollars for the hike to the falls. Allow an hour to get there on foot from the barrier, you progress through the tall grass and along some cultivated land. Then, pass over the lianas bridge, and cross the mango forest to the Vampa river which goes up towards the falls. Nice picnic spot with recommended swimming. A real piece of paradise.

Things to do in Kimpese

At the Vampa Falls site you can swim in a natural swimming pool, enter caves and picnic with friends or family. You could hike the Mount Crystal, the only touristic mountain found in western Congo, have panoramic views on the valley, visit plantations and get to chat with villagers.

Once on the site the entrance fee is 1500fc for Congolese, for foreigners it is a little more. If you have a professional camera, you’re going to pay $ 5 for it. A guide will take you to the site

Accommodation in Kimpese

If you leave Kinshasa early, you can come back at the end of the day … you can also book a room at the hotel, there is something for all budgets (from 10$ to 100$).

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