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Is it safe to travel to Congo

Tourists accompanied with armed rangers
Virunga National Parks

All Congo Safaris tours are fully guided from the moment you step over the border to your departure back home. Almost all our tours start and end in Kigali (the capital of Rwanda), and we ensure that our guests are assisted across the border without any hassle. Members of our team will collect you as soon as you land in Kigali, and will remain with you until you enter Congo – at which point the Virunga National Park team will take over. As the Park is responsible for the livelihood and infrastructure of the four million people who live around it, its officials, rangers and visitors are highly respected by the locals. You’ll be transported in our vehicles but escorted by official parks vehicles loaded with rangers, and will be made to feel safe and warmly welcomed by all whom you encounter. Virunga National Park has brought electricity, power stations, roads, schools, security and jobs to the area, and the locals are well aware of the fact that the tourism income generated by your presence is largely to thank for all of this.

Virunga national Park is receiving an average of 500 tourists each months, they are enjoying new gorillas groups that have been habituated as well as the Picnics at the Tchegera Island. Since February 2019, Nyiragongo is giving a treat to every visitor that climbs her. The lava lake is at the highest it has been for years and now is overflowing its cone with the fissure growing daily with an occasional spew of lava. As one sits and watches the lava flow over the edge, it gives one a sense of what it would feel like to watch an eruption.

Kahuzi Biega National Park as the third best destination in Africa by Best Top 100 Destination showing global leadership in actively protecting its scenic views, natural habitats and wildlife, and showing respect for animals, a basis for its sustainable tourism development. (https://greendestinations.org/2019-top100-awards/). Tourists are enjoying unique Eastern Lowland Gorillas found only in the DR Congo.

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