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3 days Mountains gorilla Trekking | Virunga National Park - 3 Days

Congo gorillas trekking
3 days Mountains gorilla Trekking | Virunga National Park

Congo gorillas trekking package brings you to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a land of steamy jungles hiding half the world's mountain gorillas. When it comes to Africa safaris, Congo gorillas trekking in DR Congo has got it all for you to make your dream come true! Endangered mountain gorillas are fewer than 900 in the whole world.
We believe your time with Congo gorillas will leave your feeling changed for the better. All treks are led by park rangers during the Congo gorillas experience.

Day 1
Day 1: Pick up in Kigali

In the morning, you will be picked up from your hotel in Kigali by our representative guide who will drive through Kigali heading to the Democratic Republic of Congo. This will take you roughly 4 hours to reach Goma. In the Afternoon, you will proceed to Virunga National Park.

Day 2
Day 2: Gorilla trekking

After an early breakfast at Kibumba Tented Camp, trekkers will head down the hill to meet their Ranger guides and have a briefing before the gorilla trek. Treks usually require 1-2.5hours of hiking each way, depending on location of the gorilla group being trekked and the difficulty of the terrain. After spending the allotted hour with gorilla family group, trekkers will make their back to camp, enjoy a late lunch and have the rest of the day at leisure, including time for nature walks and bird watching.

Day 3
Day 3: Return to Rwanda

After breakfast, transfer back to Kigali for drop off. End of the trip


Why Drcongo Gorilla

Why should I visit Congo to see the gorillas? Why not Uganda or Rwanda?

It’s true that you can also see mountain gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda. However, doing so in Rwanda will cost you more than triple the price per permit than in Congo. Moreover, we have personally been gorilla tracking in both Rwanda and Uganda and can vouch for the fact that the experience itself is so much more memorable in Congo. The fact that tourism in Virunga is still comparatively low means that you will more than likely be able to go tracking in a small group. What’s more, the density of the jungle will allow you to enjoy a very close and personal experience with a gorilla family. You are guaranteed to see them, unless you tire of the walking! As it’s so much cheaper than in Rwanda, we also suggest going on more than one track so that you can visit two or more different families. This way, there will be a good chance of you spotting the impressive silver backs and adorable babies.

Is it safe to travel to Congo ?

All Congo Safaris tours are fully guided from the moment you step over the border to your departure back home. Almost all our tours start and end in Kigali (the capital of Rwanda), and we ensure that our guests are assisted across the border without any hassle. Members of our team will collect you as soon as you land in Kigali, and will remain with you until you enter Congo – at which point the Virunga National Park team will take over. As the Park is responsible for the livelihood and infrastructure of the four million people who live around it, its officials, rangers and visitors are highly respected by the locals. You’ll be transported in official park vehicles, and will be made to feel safe and warmly welcomed by all whom you encounter. Virunga National Park has brought electricity, power stations, roads, schools, security and jobs to the area, and the locals are well aware of the fact that the tourism income generated by your presence is largely to thank for all of this.

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